about us

Are your cakes fresh?
We bake our cakes 5 times a week and immediately flash freeze them out of the oven to preserve their freshness. We use no preservatives, so this process guarantees you a fresh cake every time. As we prepare cakes they are constantly rotated and you can be assured of a delicious, moist cake, and we do guarantee that!

Do you deliver?
On orders of 100 people or more there is no charge for delivery (locally). Deliveries to certain locations may require a fee (e.g., high security military sites, historic sites, residences, restaurants, banquet halls etc). a delivery fee may be charged outside a 20 mile radius.

Can you do special orders?
We consider every order a "special" order, but if you mean something different from our normal products, then yes we can. we will be glad to discuss it with you and hopefully we can accommodate you.

Do you make shaped cakes like baby blocks or trains?
Yes, just call us and we will gladly assist you.

Can I place an order for a cake on the same day I need it?
Since our cakes are custom made for you I require at least a 24 hour notice. But we make exeptions depending on size and detailed work involved.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and most debit cards.

Do you Require Deposit?
A deposit of $100 (non-refundable) is required to confirm your order. The balance is due 7 business days prior to delivery or pick-up, payments can be accepted on the day of delivery as well by cash or check (proper identification is required)
For custom cake orders a deposit may be required.

Do you sell donuts or bread?
NO, we do not bake bread or donuts.