Start a tradition in your family or at your workplace by ordering beautifully decorated birthday cakes for anyone you know. There is a birthday every day of the year which means each day offers the opportunity to enjoy a delicious creative cake!

Children, and their birthdays are top priority. We take great satisfaction from making a child's birthday fantasies come true.

If they can imagine it. chances are we can create it. No design is too elaborate, and we utilize every available decorating technique to make ideas. reality. Lasting impressions and memories of a spectacular birthday party can last a lifetime.

A custom made cake is the perfect compliment to that lasting memory.

Custom Cakes

We will take your pictures and convert them into "Custom Photo Cakes." These are cakes topped with decals made of a cornstarch base and printed with food colors. The most personal cake of all is one that has your treasured pictures on them.

All of our pastry is made by us and are all guaranteed fresh.

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We have made quality of all our efforts because our customers are our family. We serve our community best by ensuring that our customers' special celebrations become extraordinary memories. Our customers are our number one priority and we will do the very best to serve all their needs.